The Wittgenstein Bibliography

The Wittgenstein Bibliography


A small regional bibliography, a reference work, a list of references to the Wittgenstein region. The geographical area of the collection is essentially based on the borders of the former district of Wittgenstein. The bibliography is intended to simplify the search for publications that are related to the Wittgenstein region in the broadest sense. Wittgenstein’s regional literature, which can be found in magazines, collected works (village and local history books), dissertations, exam or diploma theses as well as commemorative publications of localities, associations or companies, is thus documented on the one hand and on the other hand the search for literature that has already been published is to be made easier for all who are interested.


Download the current bibliography here as a pdf file ...


References among other things, on the following topics:


  • Administration and jurisdiction
  • Church
  • Coinage
  • Counts of Wittgenstein
  • Dialect
  • Emigration
  • Folklore
  • Genealogy
  • History of Wittgenstein
  • Language
  • Legends, fairy tales, folk tales, folk song
  • Municipalities and towns
  • Persons and families
  • Plants, wildlife, hunting and conservation
  • Population and population development
  • Radical pietists and their environment (~1700-1740)
  • Settlement history and construction
  • Transport, railway, postal service, customs, roads and paths
  • Witch trials


The „Bibliography Wittgenstein” is a regional bibliography. It is a reference work, a directory of literature references on the Wittgenstein region, the Wittgensteiner Land or simply Wittgenstein. The geographical collection area is essentially based on the borders of the former Wittgenstein district.

Download the bibliography here as a PDF file ...