Nobility and Religiousness

The Counts of Berleburg and the Pietism in their Territories (in German)

248 pages

For further information please contact the author

Mr. Dr. theol. Ulf Lückel

29,95 €  plus shipping

Tips how to write and publish articles for our magazine

„Wittgenstein. Blätter des Wittgensteiner Heimatvereins e.V.“

I. General informationen

If possible the text should be written with the wordprocessing program Word and sent to the editor electronically.  [more details in German …]

Tips how to write and publish articles

Hope for a better life (in German)

The emigration from Wittgenstein to

America in the 18th and 19th century

by Mr. Heinrich Imhof

560 pages and more than 5400 emigrants

Price 38,- Euro (plus shipping if necessary)

For further information please contact the author Mr. H. Imhof


Extract from the table of contents

The Protestant Church Girkhausen (in German)

- The fate of a Church of Pilgrimage -

by Mr. Ulf Lückel

84 pages and more than 120 photos

This book is about the unique history of the church and the
village of Girkhausen. Focusing on a history of eight centuries.


14,50 € (incl. shipping)

Please order at Mr. U. Lueckel

Advance order

The Wittgenstein Bibliography (in German)

by A. Krueger

We would like to print and publish the current Wittgenstein bibliography containing about 500 pages and nearly US standard letter size.

Date of publication probably late autumn/fall 2019.

We need at least 50 orders in advance to be cost-effective.

The price will be 28 € - 35 € plus shipping outside Germany.

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