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The Wittgenstein Family Database

This genealogical database covers the old district of Wittgenstein from the beginning of written records up to the year 1875. It includes over 150,000 individuals. Most of the records were compiled and organized by Mr. Jochen Karl Mehldau over a period of many years. In 2018, he generously donated his files to state archive of North Rhine-Westphalia. The archive has now made them free to the public in the ‘gedcom’ format, which can be read by most genealogical software. The original file with extensive documentation (in German) may be downloaded from:

Local researchers have made a few additions and corrections to that database.

Recent versions may be downloaded from:

The Mehldau database is also available on the following page along with more information about that project, updates to it, and Wittgenstein itself.

A working group maintains the following website with extensive information about local history and resources for research. It is only available in German, however.

The English-language site for "Riedesel History and Genealogy" focuses on families with that name who have roots in Wittgenstein, but it is also covers related families from Wunderthausen and Diedenshausen.

Another American website is devoted to the descendants of Simon, Martin and Henry Dreisbach who emigrated to the United States from Wittgenstein in the 1740s and 1750s.